How Hard Is It?

Have you ever had one of those moments where you thought that things were just too hard? Some things in your life had changed and now you couldn’t do some of the things that you wanted too? Maybe you weren’t getting the results in your life that you wanted? It was all too hard?  I have felt that too.

On the weekend I got a sense of perspective. I heard an amazing story from a guy named Dale Elliot. He is guy just like you and me. No one special – just a bloke with dreams, desires, a life. He took his cousins motorbike for a spin and on the last corner home a dog ran out on to the road and his life changed forever.

As a paraplegic his life was hard, damn hard!

How does he keep going? By focussing on what he can do not on what he can’t. Looking back to his past and what he can’t do serves no purpose. His focus is looking forward at what he can do. Creating new goals and dreams that stretch him and doing it with a sense of humour, joy and gratitude.

So how hard is it? Granted there may be things you can’t do like you used to. But what can you do? How can you stretch yourself, grow and make contribution to those around you? I suspect it is easier than you may tell yourself.

For more information on Dale, get inspiration or book him for your next event, check out his website at

Photo: Dale Elliot

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