How is Your Attitude?

How Is Your Attitude?

Last week I was on radio talking about mentoring and some of the techniques to get better results. One of the questions that came up from a listener was “What are the best attributes to have to effect lasting change in a business?”

There are Four Key elements that you need and you can find out more about them here.

The common theme is element is part of your Attitude and not a specific skillset. Having the right attitude or an attitude that serves you, your customer and your business well can be challenging.

One person who knows all about Attitude is Justin Herald. His business is not only based on Attitude but it is also called Attitude.

To celebrate my new website (now with extra attitude!) I have 5 tickets to give away to see Justin Herald speak at a breakfast in Melbourne this Wednesday 13th November. (Yes, it’s true – I am the MC!)

The first five people to email the Event Organiser (Mary Tan get a complimentary ticket to the breakfast. 

Good luck and don’t forget to check out the new website and check your own attitude. Is it serving you, your customer and your business? If not, change it.


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