How is your Chinglish?

How is your Chinglish?
I am just off the plane from China. What an amazing place! It was a great conference and I had some fabulous experiences.
One of the things China is famous for is Chinglish. That is, writing in English a statement that almost makes sense but isn’t exactly what they wanted to say. Check out the photo of the sign I saw for Self Help BBQ Meat.
Have you ever spoken or written in something similar to Chinglish? You knew what you wanted to communicate but it just didn’t come out how you wanted.
It can happen with family, friends, work

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colleagues, customers and partners. Sometimes you need to get clarity on the communication. Confirm with a phone call what was said in the email, because it didn’t come out right. Check with a mentor or peer if they hear what you think you are saying.

If in doubt, double check and keep communicating. So how is your Chinglish?

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