How is your Copy and Pasting?

I see many people who are masters at Cut and Paste. But it is not their documents they are cut and pasting, it is themselves!

  • They read management books and do exactly what they say.
  • They hear jokes and tell them as if they are their own.
  • They go on management training and try and be exactly like the training examples.
  • They read biographies and try to be like the heroes they idolise.

Lots of copying and pasting.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of training, biographies, books and jokes. But I am a bigger fan of authenticity.

Use the training, the books, the event – whatever it is – as a stimulation

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to be you. Get the idea, the inspiration, the stimulation and do it your way. Don’t be a pale copy of someone or something else. Be a shining example of the authentic you – warts and all!

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