How Sharp Is Your Saw?

The 7th Habit in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to Sharpen the Saw. What he is saying is how often do you take the time to get better at what you do? Are your skills being improved and honed or are you still doing what you do the same way you always have?

If you were 10% better, what would that mean to you? 10% more sales? 10% better customer service? 10% more time to do things? 10% more organised? 10% more focussed or energised? Or would it simply mean that you are back as good as you used to be because you have recently developed some bad habits?

The time you invest in sharpening your saw is well worth it.  A saw blade you continue to use slowly gets worn down. It stops sawing and starts Hacking.  Are you Hacking anywhere in your workplace? After you have been hacking for a while, you then are simply going through the motions without getting a result. Surely you aren’t simply going through the motions anywhere?  Are you?

What will you do to sharpen your saw?  I can highly recommend The Super Conference on this week. I will be MC and speaking there.  If you can’t make that, find something else. Your professional association, industry training courses, personal development courses or training for a specific skill set all contribute to your success.

How Sharp is your Saw?


Saw Image: Mom The Barbarian 

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