How Strong is Your Spirit?

Here is a surprise. I went to the boxing on Friday night.  I know, how weird of me!

Now in the words of the late, great Kevin Merry, I am a peace loving man. So it was a little in your face (even if you weren’t in the ring).

The victor above is my personal trainer Chris. He is also a martial arts trainer and as part of his preparation for 2nd Dan Black Belt certification he thought he would improve his fitness and foot skills by going in for the Fight Fit challenge and have a real boxing fight of three rounds. It was full on!

What I noticed about Chris was not only what he physically fit, his fighting spirit was strong as well. All the fighters I saw almost collapsed in between rounds as they sat on their chair. He stood the entire time in a power pose (think Superman with his hands on his hips). Maybe he was psyching out his opponent or maybe he was triggering his own psyche, whatever it was he was doing, it worked.

Now for you and me, it is not boxing that damages our psyche or spirit, it can be more mundane things. A complaint from a customer, feedback from a colleague or simply the seed of self doubt. So what can you do to keep your spirit strong?

There is a lot of evidence supporting a power pose to give you strength. The right music does great wonders. Meditation can do amazing things for you. Others use the power of interpretive dance (I have to say this doesn’t work for me as I am too self conscious!)  The secret is to have a plan and then use it BEFORE you need it as well as when you do.

Have you got a plan and is your spirit strong?

PS Speaking of strong spirits, Jedi Charli cut her hair last week. You can see some photos here (just scroll down a bit) as well as see that she raised over $3,000 for the Cancer Council. A HUUUUUGE thanks to all of you that supported her. It was wonderful of you.

PPS I will never use the phrase “Hits like a girl” anymore either. Those ladies can really pack a punch. It was almost comical to hear the MC announce the next fighters, “In the blue corner, Marina a Marketing/PR representative and in the red corner Jane a naturopath.” These two fighting demons then descended on each other. All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of them!

2015-11-20 jane fighting


PPS If you want to see some of Chris’ fight, here is my recording of his first round.