How to Get Up when you’re feeling down

Ever had those moments?

Everything seems to be cruising along nicely. Relationship is good (if not getting better and better), friends are good (still get invites to go out), hobbies are good (love cruising on the motorbike or doing what you do), health is good (could always do more exercise and eat less but on the whole it’s good), work is good (love what you do and do what you love), weather is good (sunny day after a bit of rain) so basically, life is good!!

Then it hits! Wham! You feel like crap!

It has no obvious source or reason, you just feel bad. Self doubt kicks in, your self esteem crumbles little by little. Arrrrrggghhhh!!!

Ever had one of those moments?

We all do. They will pass. The secret is to look at ways to help them pass faster. Here are a few that my clients have found very successful:
Music – play music that works for you, something that makes you feel more powerful
Exercise – any form of exercise will help endorphins start flowing and give you some of natures “happy juice”
Location – change your physical location. It could be just going outside, it maybe going to the beach, something that gives you different perspective
Talk – chat with a friend or colleague about what is happening for you and more importantly, what is happening for them. It takes the obsession off ourselves and turns it into caring for others
Write – ink what you think. This will get the never-ending tape out of your

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head and on to paper. By the way, typing doesn’t count, the physical act of writing is required

There are plenty of other ways to get a sense of reality and move through the downer. Work out what is best for you and have it on standby for when these times hit.

If nothing else, follow the words of the late great James Brown.
“Get Up, get on up!”


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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