I’m Not Listening!

Yesterday Wifey and I went to a family wedding. It was a great time. But families will be families and this family event could not pass without the grapevine passing back some negative message about how I was looking a bit fat!

After years of dieting, exercise (and too much eating) this is THE sensitive area of my life. For some reason, family always knows how to go straight for it. But it’s ok, because I’m not listening. When it comes to my health, I will consult my health practitioner rather than take advice from overweight retirees on what I “Should” do!!

It’s the same with the unwanted feedback that I would get from people who worked for the same company I did or were on my team for a short time or came to a meeting once “to give some input”. I am more than happy to take advice, recommendation and constructive feedback and I choose who I receive it from. Frequently I will ask for it. For me, random feedback from others is like someone else’s road rage. I don’t know what is going on for them, they don’t know what is happening for me and I don’t know them well enough to put any value on their feedback.

So I am not listening!

Who are you listening to?


3 thoughts on “I’m Not Listening!

  1. Ah families – bless ’em. Luckily you only have to see them for these types of occasions!

    Trust me you don’t need to be sensitive about it! You’re an awesome bloke and there’s nothing quite like getting a bear hug from Warwick Merry!

  2. Good on you, Warwick! Totally agree. That sort of feedback is not helpful in any context (regardless of the topic). Helpful feedback is well-considered, constructive, and based on some level of information or understanding about what your intentions are, your situation etc. PS I wouldn’t change you for the world.

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