Is It Engaging?

Is It Engaging?

I was working at the AUSTECH 2013 tradeshow run by AMTIL last week. It had some huge and amazing equipment on site. Laser cutters, sheetmetal stampers, 3D printers and loads of other great technology. It was a really great show. But regardless of the technology, whatever you have, you need to be able to make it engaging. Either get the prospects attention or get them asking questions about what you are doing.
Here are a couple of highlights from AusTech for you:
1 – Bolt Welding.
Why tell someone what your machine can do when you can show them. Here is an 8 second video of the bolt welder in action.
Click to Play
2 – Peen Hammer
Why show them what you can do when you can let them do it.
The Peen Hammer you see in Cassie’s hand is used to punch details on to steel. In this demonstration you can type in your name or any word you want, then then stamp it on the wall. If you zoom in on the top centre of the wall you will see my name proudly stamped (it’s good to be tall).
Hall of Fame
3 – Large Australian Manufacturer
This well known manufacturer and supplier to industry decided that they didn’t want to be there all day so they left this sign on their booth. To me it was a colossal waste of money. For the sake of one staff member to positively promote the brand, get interested details and engage with the public, surely it would have been worth it.
Why Bother?
When you are in the market place, either at an expo, face to face or even on social media, ask yourself the simple question, is it engaging?

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