Is it Good or Bad?

So many things happen in our work and personal lives that we label “Good” or “Bad”.  In my experience, it is not what has happened, but how we are feeling that impacts on the label we give it.

There is a psychological term “One up/One Down” which usual refers to behaviour in a relationship where one person is Up (in a position of power) and the other is Down (more of a victim mentality).  If we can do it in our relationships with people, we will also do it in our relationships with service providers, business, places and circumstances.

My challenge for you is to let go of the Good and Bad label and adopt the label “Interesting” as in, “That’s an interesting situation”.  It’s not Good or Bad but Interesting.  
You can do something with Interesting.  If it is Bad, you are deflated before you start, if it is Good then you are ok but others may be deflated.  This also takes into account the old saying, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you deal with it that counts”.

Have an Interesting week!!

Lovin’ your work!


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