Is It OK to give compliments?

I love looking at ladies shoes – particularly Nine West.
Not in a fetish kind of way, just in a “I appreciate them” kind of way. Guys shoes always seem so boring but ladies shoes have so many fabulous styles.

Over the years I have commented to ladies when I like their shoes. Most often they are complete strangers to me. I figure they have put a lot of effort and money into looking good and if I like their shoes, they would want to know.

A couple of weeks ago I was informed that giving compliments was “not nice”!!!

Wifey and I were having lunch at a winery on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  As we were chatting a couple walked past on the outside of the cafe. Wifey pointed out to me the ladies boots that were really cool. We then continued with our lunch.

As we were leaving, I pushed my chair back and bumped into the diner behind me. It happened to be that lady with the boots. I apologised for bumping in to her and then said, “By the way, they are really nice shoes you are wearing. Are they uncomfortable?”

“No they really aren’t even though you think they would be”, she replied.
I then went to pay the bill.

As I was waiting for the credit card to process, someone tapped me on the shoulder. It was the shoe lady’s boyfriend. He got my attention and then said, “You have just paid my girlfriend a beautiful compliment. Don’t do it again, it is not very nice.”

I said “OK” and he went on his way.

I must confess, it span me out a little. Why would someone not want to receive a compliment? Why should some one care that a random stranger said something nice about a piece of clothing their partner was wearing? Was it wrong of me to compliment the Shoe Lady?

I will continue to give strangers compliments. I think that one guy was a bit possessive. If I was shoe lady, I would be considering whether I wanted to spend a lot of time with someone who goes out of his way to discourage compliments!

Compliments are free and they are also priceless. They go straight to the warm and squidgy bit inside you that jumps with delight when you receive one. For some reason, compliments from strangers make that jump even bigger. It is more than OK to give compliments, it is one of the best things you can do.

So thanks for reading this, and by the way… I like your shoes!


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