Isn’t It Enough?

Image: ShutterStock

As someone who shares the stage with many speakers, I have heard a lot of messages (inspirational and otherwise) over the years. An underlying them seems to be “you are not enough”. If only you did more of this, that and the other thing your life would be better.

Along comes social media. Again we are bombarded with images and messages from people many of which seem to say or imply that you should eat this, do that, exercise this much, work harder, achieve more, make more, parent better, be more creative… There is no end to it.

TV is loaded with fearful and guilt laden messages of “if you were a good parent/sibling/child/grandparent then you would buy this product/service”. Even the TV shows and movies set an unrealistic example. Compare the class of the tv show The West Wing with what is currently happening in the White House.

Here’s the thing. I am all for self improvement and creating a better life for yourself but at what cost?

I love the concept of learn from the past, plan for the future but live in today.

Too often many people (myself included) forget to enjoy the day and celebrate all you have achieved because their focus is in the future on what they want or “should” have.

Personally, I am spending a lot less time on social media as it does not serve me well. I have refocussed on the amazing things I already have in my life. Yes I have plans and goals but I am enjoying my life as I live it and not just waiting for the day that I have achieved everything I think I should.

Life as I am living it is great. It is enough. In fact, it is more than enough. How about yours?