It Takes Time

Image: ShutterStock

Are we there yet?

It feels like I have been on the road to recovery from this broken ankle for eons, but it has only been a matter of months. I have had the screws and metal work out for a little while now but still I am not cured.

It seems that sitting on your backside, doing no physical activity and not putting any weight on your leg means that for that leg, the ligaments and tendons have all constricted. So that now when I walk I look a little like Quasi Modo!

I am frustrated.

I had plans. When that metal work was out and I stopped using the boot, I had stuff to do. But it turns out that it takes time.

Too much physical exertion exhausts me. My fitness (the little I had) has left me so that even when I am singing with my choir, I am out of breath on songs that didn’t use to affect me. Regaining that fitness takes time.

While my mind is ready for my body to be better, my body needs more time. A lot more time. There will be stretching, gentle exercise and plenty of positive self talk to get me there.

It is frustrating but it is also my reality.

Do you find that as well? Maybe you aren’t getting the sales results you are after, the promotion you know you deserve hasn’t been realised or even after all your workouts, your fitness hasn’t improved yet. It takes time.

You are on the path. Keep doing the work and know that sometimes it just takes time.