It’s Hot!

It’s hot. Damn hot. Melbourne is going through a heat wave with multiple days over 40 C (about 105 F).

Who Cares?

Fair question. Many parts of the world have temperatures higher than this all the time (hello Middle East) but they don’t moan like we are. You know we are moaning. At the very least I am blogging about it. Twitter is rife with it. The newspapers all have the delightful headline “SCORCHER” – or something equally as witty. Tennis commentators waffle on for ages about it. Radio commentators all go on about it also.

What Can You Do?

Here in lies the key to my blog. The answer is – Nothing. The weather is the rare topic that we talk about all the time and can do nothing about. What ever you mention about it, someone has it better and someone has it worse. Tweets of “it’s hot” were countered with “at least you don’t have an ice storm like we do”. Sometimes just talking about it makes it worse. While it is hard not to talk about it, it will still be hot when your conversation has ended. All you can do is make yourself as comfortable as possible (popular ideas are to go to air conditioned cinema or the beach) and get on with life.

What Else Is Like That?

How many times in business or life does this situation occur? There is always something that you can bitch and moan about and all it gets you is more distressed, more unhappy and more focused on something you can do nothing about. It could be your family, a health affliction, someones behaviour or even the weather!

How will you deal with it? Australian author Kim Falconer deals with it using her underpants! You need to read her blog to find out the details.
I like the two killer questions:

  • What’s my part in this?
  • What can I do differently?

They will always generate an answer that lets me take responsibility for my situation and move on.

What do you do? Let me know.


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

2 thoughts on “It’s Hot!

  1. Can’t control the weather, but can control the response. My favourite so far – a local (Ballarat) pharmacy with a hand-made sign at the door “yes, we know it’s hot”. Not only made customers think twice before having a whinge, it made me laugh!! 😀

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