It’s In the Doing


We recently purchased one of these Random Orbital Sanders. Just the thing to sand some reclaimed timber that we want to use at the Shed.

I spent four hours over the weekend removing old nails and sanding old fence palings.

So now my hands feel a bit sore, my ankle is swollen, my back is a little sore, and I feel fabulous.

It is because I can look at the piles of palings all sanded, packed and ready to take to the shed and feel great about what I have achieved.

Many of us now spend our days working flat out and struggle to see what we have achieved at the end of the day. It can feel like a merry-go-round. Another day doing the same thing and feeling like you are getting nowhere.

So how can you visualise your “doing” so you can see what you have achieved?

Is it creating a graph of the sales calls you have made, the articles you have published, or the number of times people listen to your podcast? Is it a timeline showing progress on your next event, a project plan showing how close you are to the due date or a task list with the completed tasks all marked off?

Whatever you do, find a way to show progress on your doing.

The feeling of achievement and success comes from “doing” and often in our technological world, we miss that sense of achievement.

How do you measure your “doing”?