Keep the Fire Burning

It’s winter in Australia and down south we are having a few cold nights. That’s when it is great to huddle around a fire, feel the warmth and connect with those around you.

But the fire doesn’t keep alive by itself.

It needs a bit of a poke every now and again. Sometimes it needs more wood and if it gets too low sometimes you need to get some more kindling or fire starters just to beef it up again.

Life’s like that.

Sometimes you need to give yourself a bit of a poke to get going again. It can be easy to slow down and forget that you are not operating as well as you could.

Other times, you need more fuel, more inspiration, more engagement, more ideas, more conversation, more thought provoking ideas, different perspectives or a fresh start on something.

It’s all about keeping your inner fire going.

How do you keep your flame burning?