Taking Risks When Exhibiting

Many exhibitors take significant risks when they exhibit. In this short video, I list three thinkgs you need to do to maximise the return on those risks and really make them pay off.

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What Do YOU Want?

I have long been of the opinion that you get what you ask for not what you deserve.

Sometimes when people on the street ask for money I will say “How much do you want?”
If they ask for $2

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What Happens when your AV Fails?

Don’t you hate it when you are giving a presentation or MC of a group of presentations and the AV fails!
What should you do?
What CAN you do?

Here are a couple of tips to get you through a

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How Do You Move?

Moving Trolley
I learnt a long time ago that you never move FROM a place, you move TO a place.

What I mean by that is that when you move always consider what you need in the new place. Too many people

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A New Secret!

People often search for the secret to:
  • Learning new skills
  • Business success
  • Happy marriage
  • Property investing
  • Creating the perfect meal
  • On stage performance, and
  • Many other things.

This is a lesson I got from my Bass teacher Aurora Jane.

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Can They Hear You?

Too often people stay quiet. They have an idea, a thought, an opinion, a need or a want but it goes unsaid.

Their internal voice can say, “don’t want to make a fool of myself”, “the boss will know better”,

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Who’s Your Number One Fan?

Number 1
Today’s post is dedicated to Wifey.

She had a big birthday on the weekend (one with a zero in it!) and it made me think about all the raving fans I have but most importantly, my Number One Fan.


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Do Your Systems Support You?

E Myth
Now that we are in the fifth week of the New Year, I need to ask, do your systems support you? I am not just talking about computer systems, but your manual systems and processes as well.

Michael Gerber is

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3D Printing on Your Desk

How cool!

I just checked out this video from FormLabs about their 3D printers.

To me it is more than 3D printing. 
It is manufacturing on a small scale. 
It is unleashing creativity.
It is lifting ideas off the page

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Tips for a Successful Event

I shot a quick video recently on the key tips for a successful event. If you are an Event Planner, Event Professional, PCO (Professional Conference Organiser) or even if you run events in your company, you will find these tips

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How are Your Questioning Techniques?

Whether you are talking to a prospect, a friend, a client, a stranger or a loved one, the power of a conversation is in your ability to ask the right questions. Too often I observe people asking questions to confirm

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Why Are You Paying For It?

Let me pay
Why Are You Paying For It?

Many business run different events. They could be internal team building, internal state of the nation, external marketing events or simply a client get together with some valuable information presented. My question for you

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