Leadership Position Vacant

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For the first time ever, I was actively interested in the outcome of the Australian election. 
At the time of writing, it seems that the answer to the Australian Electoral Commission’s question above is that NO-ONE is leading. (Click on the image for the latest results from the Australia Electoral Commission).

What has been lacking in our politics (and the politics of some other nations as well) is strong, decisive, obvious leadership. 
It seems that the Australian voting public trust each of the two dominant parties as much as each other.

Watching many of the interviews and discussions during the vote counting, many politicians forgot. They forgot how to be real people. Peddling their empty rhetoric until the very end of the broadcast there were repeated attempts to get them to be human, some would say “relatable” in their approach but it was to no avail.

The day after the election, with no clear winner and already there are rumours of leadership battles and party infighting.
It will be days, if not weeks until we find out who is running the country. There is even talk of another election.

What we have voted for is no-one. The Australian public are so dissatisfied with our current representation that there is no obvious choice. We are collectively satisfied to stumble along until something better happens.

What about you? Do you lead? 

Regardless of what you do, where you do it, do you lead?

Do make decisions and then act on them?
Are you open to ideas and if one of them is better than yours, admit it and take it on?
Do you engage and enthuse those around you? It could be colleagues, friends or even family members.
Do you take responsibility for your action and when you are wrong, admit it and make appropriate amends?
Do you speak respectfully of those around you, regardless of whether you agree with them or not?
When disagreeing, do you attack the idea and not the individual?

There is a drastic need for more leaders in this world. Leadership positions abound.

Will you lead?

I hope you say “Yes”