Less Is More

As part of the recent Festival of Warwick, Wifey took me to see Suzanne Vega at the Melbourne Recital Centre. A fantastic concert at a brilliant venue.

One of the things that made it so good was it’s minimalism.

The set was simple; just some coloured lights on the curtains.
The band was simple; just Suzanne and her guitarist Gerry.
The introduction was short and simple; no support act, just Suzanne Vega.
The show was loaded with great songs and went for nearly 2 hours.

I was thrilled at the sound Gerry got from his guitar. A few bits of equipment (loop pedal and other effect pedals) and he was making some great sounds.

What made the show so engaging was the lack of flashy effects. You got the core elements. It was a prime example of Less Is More.

So what about you? Where in your life could you have Less and be More? Do Less and achieve More? Take Less and give More?

Image: Gerry Leonard