Let them touch it!

People want to touch it!!

They want

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to feel the new product. They want to see photo’s of the service. They want to experience what it’s like. Brochures can be good but the real thing is better.

I was speaking to my brother who is big in Send Out Cards (among other entrepreneurial ventures!) and he was describing a booth he was going to show Send Out Cards at. We talked about different ideas but just seeing cards was not enough. You could hold the cards or see big pictures on the walls. You could talk about how easy it is to send out personalised cards to your clients, prospects or family members but it’s not the same as doing it yourself.

I suggested that he let them do it. Let them work through the whole process

so that they are doing it and can touch and feel the process not just hear about it. So he was going to look at setting up at the booth with his camera and laptop. Prospects get their photo taken and then use the system to send themselves a card with their own message. So not only do they see how simple it is to use, two or three days later they get a card with their photo on it showing them how cool it is to receive the card.

Let them touch it!

If you can find a way, get the prospect physically touching your product or service. This makes it personal, memorable and way more sellable.

So what about

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your next show? How can you take your product or service and make it touchable? Make it real for your prospect and very soon they will be your client!

Let me know if you need ideas to make it touchable.

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