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  • A recent event I was hosting for the Queensland Department of Communities was their Community Recovery Forum.

    It was a serious day talking about serious topics. Financial resilience, community impact, […]

  • We have remote roller doors on our garage. They are nine years old. After nine years, the remotes don’t work like they used to.

    You can see one of them has a bit of melting going on! The others used to work […]

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    While going to the Physiotherapist (some same Physioterrorist) isn’t fun, the outcomes have been good. But a recent encounter with another client got me thinking.

    The Physio has me […]

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    I am terrified of Beige. Not the colour, as the colour above is the colour of most of my internal walls at home. I fear the Beige Life.

    Beige seems to be gaining a grip on us. Here […]

  • My gorgeous wife and I were out celebrating life and we had a flash back. A flash back to the future, if you will!

    Soda Rock Diner was celebrating a move to a new location and had set up Doc and the […]

  • I spent a couple of days at The Shed last week doing a few things.

    It is a beautiful place that helps me reset my brain when I am feeling frustrated.

    Let’s face it, there is a lot to be frustrated […]

  • Technology is amazing.

    We now have devices that give you access to the knowledge of the world with a click of a few keys (granted, we only use it to watch cat videos but we COULD do other things with it!) […]

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    As you may know, I broke my ankle earlier this year. My recovery is going well. I have all the steel plates and screws out and my treatment regime is not regular physiotherapy to get my […]

  • I had the good fortune to hear Travis Bell, The Bucket List Guy recently.

    He has some excellent processes and ideas on how to formalise creating and achieving bucket list items.

    It is way more effective […]

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    It’s official, we have lost the art of polite debate.

    The evidence is littered across the pages of Facebook, scattered in the comments on YouTube videos and evident in any of our […]

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    One thing I work on with all of my mentoring clients with is Extreme Self Care. That is, putting significant effort into making sure your needs are met and that you get what you need to […]

  • I was at the Integrate Trade Show in Melbourne this week. A show all about Audio Visual for conferences, corporates and large areas.

    So many exhibitors had spend huge money on their stands showing off their […]

  • I happened to notice Winston the Wonder Poodle basking in the sun a couple of days ago. Now this spot is in the kitchen just under the cook top. It is not the most comfy place to rest but it was the only place […]

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    For a country with three of the top ten most liveable cities, it is a shame that our politics don’t match. Particularly when it comes to Marriage Equality.

    Our politicians have […]


    All the sales trainers I have ever had the good fortune to learn under have constantly said that the most important sale is the first sale, and the first sale is always to yourself!

    If you don’t […]

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    We recently purchased one of these Random Orbital Sanders. Just the thing to sand some reclaimed timber that we want to use at the Shed.

    I spent four hours over the weekend removing […]

  • Under the strict supervision of Winston the Wonder Poodle, my gorgeous wife and I spent the weekend at our shed doing a few more bits around the place with our good friends Danielle and David.

    On Sunday […]

  • Over the weekend, my lovely wife Sam and I did a bit of handy man work up at our shed.

    Sam was operating the drop saw and … well … the picture says it all. Drop Saw 1, Sam 0.

    The good news is that it […]

  • Are you in control?

    There are so many people in the workplace who continually quest for control. Unfortunately for them, control is an illusion.

    It seems to be that just when you think you’re in control […]

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    If you stop and listen to any management consultant or coach, they will tell you about “Change”.

    Change in the technology age is considered “Normal”. Just as you get comfortable with […]

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