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  • It seems the internet is loaded with the Secrets to Financial Success.

    From get rich quick schemes and guaranteed gambling systems to outright scams!

    But what do you do if you want to cautiously and securely build your wealth?

    In this edition of Entrepreneurs In Action I talk with long term, successful, independently wealthy, Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Expert Chris Harris about what it takes to achieve Financial Success.


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  • Will and Jada at SAG Awards

    I am not a fan of subtle – anyone who has met me could probably tell you that.

    When I first got together with Wifey we created the ground rule the when communicating we wouldn’t hint, suggest, imply, insinuate, infer or be subtle in any way and NEVER go down the path of “If you really loved me you would ……”

    The understanding is that if you want something ask for it. If you want to do something, tell the other one, put it in the diary or organise it and tell the other one to come along. This works really well for us.

    The same rules apply in dealing with your customer – internal and external.

    Let them know what you need from them. Let them know what they can expect from you. Be crystal clear about it. The best relationships are when you are completely open with them and NEVER assume you know what they are thinking.

    Subtle does not work. Go for clarity every time.

    Image Credit: Gabriel Bouys


  • I am a firm believer that you should Hire Slow and Fire Fast. Too often people hire the wrong person and then do nothing about it.

    Here is what you could do:

  • Meet Hetty Kate.

    Hetty was just leaving the choir I sing with as I joined it in 2007. She had worked for many years on her musical skills and was incredibly good. She had spent a couple of years with the choir to gain the experience of performing within a group and expanding her musical experience.

    She would always talk about her dream of being a Jazz singer, singing with well known and regarded jazz musicians and going on tours singing.

    Last week when Wifey and I were in Hobart, it was fabulous to see this article in the paper. Its references to how she has performed on four continents, released six albums and sung with James Morrison and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra shows that her dream is now her reality.

    I’ve seen the same kind of thing with my clients.

    But it MUST start with a dream. Something that inspires you and keeps you going when things get rough (as they will).

    So what’s your dream? What are you aiming for?

    PS Disney did a great song about this on their Tangled film. You can see some of here

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    Let me be blatantly obvious. I am promoting a 30 minute webinar I am running this Friday on Successful Sponsorship Management. You probably got that from the last edition.

    I will be covering Where to get […]

  • ThumbnailRunning events is expensive. Whether it is a small event for 30 people or a huge conference for 600, costs seem to escalate with every little thing you do.

    Why not get someone else to pay for it?

    There are […]

  • This edition of Entrepreneurs In Action is all about how to make money online.

    Join me and founder of VIS Network, Prabin Gautam as we talk about how to get mobile and make money in the process.

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  • why

    During a recent mastermind group “love in” we had a conversation about Work Life Balance. Not long after I was talking with a colleague about semi-retirement and retirement. The sum of these conversations led me to the conclusion that many people have no idea what they are doing!

    Employees work hard because they want to add to their super so they can enjoy life in their retirement. Small business owners try to be bigger business owners to bring in money so they can enjoy more time with their family. People work many hours to provide for those they love who end up not recognising them because they are not around.

    Too often retirees have lost their identity because their job was who they became, business owners can’t get out of the empire they build because “no-one can do it like they can” and both types lose what health they have due to the stress and demands of their choices.

    What’s it for?

    Why do you work so hard? Why do you do what you do? Why wait to have that experience? If you own the business, why don’t you have an afternoon off to spend with those you love – you won’t sack yourself!

    Too often as people make a living, they forget to live. Never forget what you are doing this for and can you do some of it today?

    PS Sorry I missed last weeks blog post, I was spending the day with Wifey before she went on a weeklong girls holiday to Fiji.


  • So many of us have been on diets that are unsustainable, unrealistic and UNBELIEVABLE!!

    So what really works? How can I get fit and healthy without feeling like all I can eat is lettuce?

    One woman who knows the rubbish the diet industry pushes on us is Lisa Renn. As a nutritionist she knows what works and has build her business, Body Warfare, promoting sustainable and healthy eating. Have a listen to what she has to say on turning Diet Failure into Health Success.

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  • Are you scared to get things wrong?

    In the past, I have been so scared to get things wrong or make the wrong decision, that I have done nothing just so I wouldn’t be wrong.

    I am happy to be on stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people and stuff up. I have even completely stuffed up a song in my choir during a performance and been ok with it, but one on one I hate getting things wrong or doing the wrong thing.

    As part of my continual professional development, I am doing some Improv training. The first thing they teach you is to celebrate your mistakes. There is no “wrong” and part of what slows you down is looking for the RIGHT thing. Our standard approach is that if you get stuck, stuff something up or just don’t know what to do, you wave your hands in the air and shout, “Again, again, again.”

    How great would that be in real life? Imagine if during a negotiation, part way through a deep and meaningful conversation with a loved one or simply talking with a client, whenever what you said came out wrong or you weren’t how the next bit should go or they reacted unexpectedly to what you were saying you could just say, “Again, Again, Again.”

    Next time you are scared to get things wrong, always remember you can say to yourself “Again, again, again.”


    PS Want to see me get it wrong on stage?

    My choir Mood Swing is performing this Sunday in North Melbourne at 2pm.
    Two hours of family friendly entertainment for only $20 and kids are free.
    With over 20 songs there will be plenty of opportunity for me to get words, dancing, commentaries and so much more WRONG!

    To book your tickets or find out more, simply click here.

  • Everyone is hunting for a great idea on fundraising. But how can you generate funds for your charity or project without imposing on others?

    We have all bought chocolates, cookies, cookie dough, raffle tickets and felt a little burnt as we did it.

    Suzi Bamford has come up with a way to raise funds, easily, effectively and in a manner that people love.

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  • What an amazing week in Abu Dhabi. So many amazing experiences and a great view from the lunch restaurant!

    Grand Mosque

    One of the things that I found fabulous was the level of service.

    No, I was not staying at a 6, 7 or 8 star hotel, but it seemed no matter where you went the service was great.

    What was the key thing that made the service so great? The assistants, waiters, hoteliers, AV crew, hosts were all smiling and happy.

    You genuinely felt that they wanted you to have a good time and an enjoyable experience.

    It proved to me that great customer service is a choice. You get to choose your attitude and the energy it takes to give a little extra is minimal.

    So how is your service? Do you give good internal customer service as well as external customer service?

    It’s a choice!
    As a little bonus, I shot a quick video (less than a minute!) when I was in Abu Dhabi on some of the service. Enjoy!

    PS This concept of using a name was confirmed during my flight home. I noticed that the flight attendants name was Leanne (she was wearing a name tag).

    So when she asked did I want chicken or fish, I replied “Can I have the chicken thank Leanne”.

    She paused and said, “Thank you so much for using my name. I really appreciate it and wish more people would”. She then took great care of me on the way home and said thank you again as I left the plane.

    Names are important. Use them as often as you can.

    Warwick In Action

  • ThumbnailGreetings From Abu Dhabi
    I have only just arrived here and I am here for a week presenting and hosting different elements of conference (I am looking forward to hosting the day at Ferrari World!)

    In a session […]

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    Unknown to most people, I had my Performance Coach come and witness me perform as the Master of Ceremonies during Day 2 of a recent convention. She gave me some great feedback.


    She also made the comment that there were 2 big mistakes that most speakers made on stage. Including some of the more experienced speakers. I was talking about these mistakes with a meet up of a LinkedIn group this morning and thought that they may be of value to others who perform on stage. So here they are:

    1) Speakers were not able to receive the acknowledgement from the crowd.
    After a speaker spoke, the crowd got excited, applauded, whistled, threw items of clothing (ok so maybe not the last one) and the speaker gave a simple wave and walked off stage. It is the same as someone saying “Wow I like that outfit” and getting the reply “This old thing? I got it for $2 at the opshop”.

    At the end of your presentation when people are applauding, stand there and receive it. Give a big bow or wave to acknowledge it but take the time to receive the accolades being given to you.

    2) Most speakers used only 1/3 of the stage.
    There was a huge stage there. USE IT! Ok so it can be fun to step off the stage, but it is also harder to see you. Way better to use the entire stage to better engage with your audience. I get for MCs we can be stuck at the lectern. Personally, I request a lapel microphone so I can stay away from the lectern. It helps me engage better and “play” with the audience.

    So what do you think?
    Do you agree with these concepts?
    How will you change your next presentation?

  • Another edition of Entrepreneurs In Action has been released. This session is an interview with serial entrepreneur Tim Hyde.

    He has done a lot of work on how to get more clients. Find out some of his secrets.

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  • As part of the recent Festival of Warwick, Wifey took me to see Suzanne Vega at the Melbourne Recital Centre. A fantastic concert at a brilliant venue.

    One of the things that made it so good was it’s minimalism.

    The set was simple; just some coloured lights on the curtains.
    The band was simple; just Suzanne and her guitarist Gerry.
    The introduction was short and simple; no support act, just Suzanne Vega.
    The show was loaded with great songs and went for nearly 2 hours.

    I was thrilled at the sound Gerry got from his guitar. A few bits of equipment (loop pedal and other effect pedals) and he was making some great sounds.

    What made the show so engaging was the lack of flashy effects. You got the core elements. It was a prime example of Less Is More.

    So what about you? Where in your life could you have Less and be More? Do Less and achieve More? Take Less and give More?

    Image: Gerry Leonard


  • Forgive me but I am confused. There are just too many “Days” floating around.

    This week it has been Pay It Forward Day, Earth Day, Easter Day(s), Anzac Day, and I am sure there have been other days, ribbons to wear, causes to contribute to, and ideas to believe in.


    Here is what I long for. A world without “Days”. A world where we care enough about each other, care enough about where we live, care about who we work with, care about those less fortunate and, well, basically just Care.

    If we just cared a little more and showed that we care in our actions, if we considered the impact of what we did and who it would affect, I think this world would be a better place to live.

    So how will you show you care? It’s the Day for it!


    So you didn’t know I could sing?
    Come and see my choir sing and have a fabulous afternoon of entertainment.  Sunday 25th May at the Comic’s Lounge, 26 Errol St, North Melbourne. 
    Doors open at 1:30pm  Tickets $20 and kids are free.
    Fantastic, family friendly entertainment. Find out more, hear some samples and get tickets here.

  • Today is my birthday. I am 46 years old!

    Woo hooo!!  There was a time when that was the average male life expectancy. Nowadays, it is barely halfway.

    I have so many things to be grateful for on this day. Too many to mention them all but there is one very special thing I must acknowledge.

    My friends!

    I am so blessed with some amazing people in my life. Of course my best friend Wifey! There is also my close circle of friends and then there are those in my bigger circle.

    My friends all seem to be amazingly talented as well. In fact, let me share my birthday present with you. A couple of gorgeous gals I know took time out of their holiday to make this for me. It is one of the most beautiful gifts I have ever received.  What do you think of it?


  • People get excited about property investment but many get burnt by the Negative Gearing Trap.

    Today’s edition of the Entrepreneurs In
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    Action podcast is all about property investing and how to avoid the Negative Gearing Trap.

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  • This is Lester. I love him (not in the biblical sense!) and HATE him all in the same breath.

    As you probably know from seeing any image of me, I am a Nutritional Over Achiever.

    One of my mantras has always been “Happy Healthy Hundred.” I want to live to be a hundred years old but be happy and healthy when I get there. Being a nutritional overachiever will limit the possibility of that happening and while mantras are great, a mantra alone won’t get you there. While I am waiting for the Universe to provide, others are getting off their backside and making things happen.

    So I finally bit the bullet and joined the Monash Aquatic and Recreation Centre (it’s a fantastic facility so if you live in the area, check it out)

    I love the idea of carrying less body fat. I love the idea of living a medication free life. I love the idea of bouncing around on stage inspiring people without puffing. I love the idea of taking my dog for a run (have you seen how fast toy poodles are?). I HATE the idea of dieting. I HATE the idea of exercising. I HATE the idea of hurting after a workout.

    So here is what I am doing, I am focusing on what I love and not what I hate. I am engaging that quite rare sense of Delayed Gratification. I get it will take me a while to build my fitness levels back up and drop some of the body fat so I am focussing on the benefits of what that will give me rather than the short term pain I have to endure.

    To get me there, Lester took me to task.

    I could only hobble, not walk for three days! I was cursing him and he only laughed at me when I told him what I thought of him. So even though I make a lot of noise about it, I am still focussed on the long term payoff and not the short term pain.

    I am embracing the concept of “It doesn’t hurt once the pain goes.”

    While this applies to me with my current level of fitness and the rather cruel Lester, does this situation exist for you at all?

    Maybe not with fitness but with a skill, an education level, your personal investments, your relationships or another are of your life? Where do you need to engage an expert who you can help you achieve the goals you want even though there may be some short term pain to get there?

    Basically who do you need to Love and Hate? Go find them and make it happen.

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