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  • I was at the Integrate Trade Show in Melbourne this week. A show all about Audio Visual for conferences, corporates and large areas.

    So many exhibitors had spend huge money on their stands showing off their […]

  • I happened to notice Winston the Wonder Poodle basking in the sun a couple of days ago. Now this spot is in the kitchen just under the cook top. It is not the most comfy place to rest but it was the only place […]

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    For a country with three of the top ten most liveable cities, it is a shame that our politics don’t match. Particularly when it comes to Marriage Equality.

    Our politicians have […]


    All the sales trainers I have ever had the good fortune to learn under have constantly said that the most important sale is the first sale, and the first sale is always to yourself!

    If you don’t […]

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    We recently purchased one of these Random Orbital Sanders. Just the thing to sand some reclaimed timber that we want to use at the Shed.

    I spent four hours over the weekend removing […]

  • Under the strict supervision of Winston the Wonder Poodle, my gorgeous wife and I spent the weekend at our shed doing a few more bits around the place with our good friends Danielle and David.

    On Sunday […]

  • Over the weekend, my lovely wife Sam and I did a bit of handy man work up at our shed.

    Sam was operating the drop saw and … well … the picture says it all. Drop Saw 1, Sam 0.

    The good news is that it […]

  • Are you in control?

    There are so many people in the workplace who continually quest for control. Unfortunately for them, control is an illusion.

    It seems to be that just when you think you’re in control […]

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    If you stop and listen to any management consultant or coach, they will tell you about “Change”.

    Change in the technology age is considered “Normal”. Just as you get comfortable with […]

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    Are we there yet?

    It feels like I have been on the road to recovery from this broken ankle for eons, but it has only been a matter of months. I have had the screws and metal work out […]

  • There is nothing like seeing your name in print.

    It is even better when it is on a body of work that contributes to the lives of others.

    The book above, Mortgages Demystified, has been a labour of love […]

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    Like all businesses, you need to constantly monitor your marketing activities and see what results you are getting. If it is working, keep doing it. If it is not working, stop and look […]

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    As someone who shares the stage with many speakers, I have heard a lot of messages (inspirational and otherwise) over the years. An underlying them seems to be “you are not enough”. If […]

  • As we were shopping on the weekend, I spotted this young man putting up that sign. It is the sort where you spray the glass, apply the sign and then squeeze all the air bubbles out.

    He was doing a crap job […]

  • Image: The view from the west wing in the Shed looking to the North.


    The worst spot for me to be is in my own head.

    I have thoughts that circle around so much that sometimes I find it hard to tell […]

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    One of the great things to come out of having a broken ankle/leg has been the shift of perspective.

    At different stages I have had to use different mobility aids: crutches, wheel […]

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    This is Susan Earl.

    She is an artist, a designer and an award winning director.

    Her short film, Deep Storage, won the only award for short films at Geena Davis’ […]

  • Last week i was fortunate enough to share the day with the other members of the Professional Speakers Association Board as well as our Past National President representative. It was a full on day which had […]

  • During my state of recovery and rest I have revisited some of the classic films we have. One that appeals to me greatly is the original M*A*S*H film.

    The film is very clever in showing the intensity and […]

  • Today marks the last day of the fifth week of my broken leg and ankle (not that I am counting).

    When I talk with my friends, family and customers they are quite surprised how positive I am.

    Now don’t get […]

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