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  • I am a Star Wars fan.

    I was 9 when the first film came out. The first three films were great, the second three  – not so much.

    When I heard Disney bought Lucasfilm I was concerned. Disney are known for […]

  • This afternoon, Zerafina Zara, Therese Sheedy and I had a Blab chat about our upcoming 2016 Kick Start.

    We talked about colouring books, mindfulness, communication, listening, success, deep conversations and […]

  • Here is a surprise. I went to the boxing on Friday night.  I know, how weird of me!

    Now in the words of the late, great Kevin Merry, I am a peace loving man. So it was a little in your face (even if you […]

  • Let me introduce you to my new Jedi buddy, Charli.

    Now you may not understand what I am talking about so let me explain.

    In his training of Luke, the Jedi master, Yoda stated, “Fear is the path to the […]

  • I was speaking with Zerafina Zara, one of the performance coaches for Mushroom Records recently about the music industry. There is a constant message that applies to your business that you need to know.
    No […]

  • My gorgeous wife and I have just returned from the delightful Dominican Republic.

    Our flight home had a 24 hour stop over in Los Angeles so we chose to rent a hotel room and then hire a car for a day to do some […]

  • Sydney is an amazing city. It has significant history, fantastic architecture and of course, a stunning harbour.

    While hosting a conference this weekend, I was fortunate to participate in the social outing […]

  • So how was your weekend? Were you one of the many that watched one of the football finals?
    You had your pick of the bunch this weekend! Aussie Rules, Rugby League and there was even some other form of rugby […]

  • Every now and again on a Friday night at 7pm I will make my way over to Smokehouse 101.
    It is a funky little cafe on the West side of Melbourne and serves some yummy food but that is not what I am there […]

  • I have just spent the last two days participating in an Impro Melbourne workshop called Harold (well everything needs a name).

    The underlying philosophy of improv is “Yes And”. No matter what someone […]

  • Here are a couple of thoughts on success and what you can do to build your own.

    The video is only 2 minutes but the lessons lasts a lifetime, so click play and enjoy.

  • Hosting conferences means that regularly I get exposed to some great ideas from the sponsors.

    Yes, it is true that I run the Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute, but the first thing you need to know about […]

  • This is Winston, our Toy Poodle. Yes, you are right – he IS a very manly dog.

    He turned two last month and I wanted to share with you some of the lessons he has taught us in that small time. They are […]

  • I have just spent the weekend with 20 of my closest friends in an eight bedroom house. They are the choir that I belong to, Mood Swing. It was our band camp where we did some drumming workshops, body movements […]

  • I had the privilege of hosting TEDxMelbourne on Friday. The theme was “The Stuff of Dreams” and we had 19 speakers presenting to 1,400 Dream Makers in the audience. By all accounts, it was a fantastic […]

  • On Saturday night, I was The King. The picture above proves it.

    The Australian Glass and Glaziers Association celebrated at their annual conference with a Gala Ball that was themed as “Viva Las Vegas”. The […]

  • Music soothes the savage beast. 

    You know it’s true. Think of the times you have been “beast like” (angry, grumpy, sad… you know the feeling) and then a fabulous song comes on and you get a better […]

  • I have the honour of being an Ambassador for the Sing For Good program. It is a fun and easy way to contribute to people who need it simply by creating music. Here’s a song I sang earlier (I’m the bald dude up the […]

  • I have just returned from a week in Washington DC where I spoke to a “standing room only” crowd who laughed at all my jokes and got a great deal out of my session. (This made me very happy!)

    While I was […]

  • Greetings from Washington DC! I am over here speaking at a conference with only about 2,000 people!

    While here I received an email from one of our tribe asking:
    “I wonder your thoughts. A person I know said […]

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