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    Ask not for whom the internet trolls 
    It trolls for thee
    (apologies to Hemmingway)
    Trolling is easy.
    Look at any social media site and you will see examples of it. Wikipedia defines it as “a person who sows […]

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    Overnight Melbourne had one of the wildest thunderstorms it has even seen. Rolling thunder and lightning (very, very frightening) lasted for hours.

    I know it lasted for hours because I lay awake listening […]

  • I believe that people love strong leaders. They want someone who is willing to take the hard road and give reasons why we should join.

    Here is a short video sharing further thoughts on Do You Have What It Takes […]

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    Gough Whitlam was a polarizing figure. People either loved him or hated him. His passing overnight will sadden many.

    I was thrilled to portray him at the recent Melbourne Fringe Festival but I really knew […]

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    I had the great delight to host the Challenge to Lead Gala Dinner on Saturday. The guest speaker was Colonel Marcus Fielding, military strategist, author of Red Zone Baghdad and philanthropist.

    It was […]

  • ThumbnailSometimes, you just have to do something. It may not be much, but it is something.

    My friend Melina from M.A.D. Woman is having a crappy time at the moment – literally!

    She runs the Making A Difference […]

  • ThumbnailI received the news yesterday that I have been awarded the global certification of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). According to the National Speakers Association of Australia’s current records, there are […]

  • ThumbnailI have been preparing for weeks.
    I have tried to get my butterflies to fly in formation.
    The excitement is building to a climax.

    This week I perform in my one man Melbourne Fringe show, Gough. It’s on!

    <a […]

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    Accountants the world over are dealing with this question from their clients on a regular basis.

    Some of us ask this question every time we look in our purse/wallet or visit the ATM.

    Businesses with huge […]

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    It’s Monday … AGAIN!

    This seems to keep happening on a regular basis. So why are people surprised when it comes around?

    “Can you believe it’s Monday already!”

    It’s a bit like Christmas, birthdays, […]

  • Danielle Storey is one of the founders of The Cartridge Family. (To be completely open, she is also my business partner in the Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute).

    The Cartridge Family is a multimillion […]

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    In another deviation from the normal format of the Entrepreneurs In Action series, I wanted to share with you an interview that I did with Jacki Mitchell on RPPFM’s Taking Care of Business show last week. I was also fortunate to share the microphone with my good friend, and fabulous speaker, the delightful Danielle Storey.

    In research that is repeated time and time again, 30% of people have a greater fear of public speaking than they do of death. Yet t is such an important skill set for all people, particularly business owners. During the show we cover a range of topics from tips on the best use of visual aids to how to create a presentation to what it means for your branding.
    The Show

     Size 36 MB and Duration 39 minutes

    To give you a summary of the keypoints on this show, here is the “track listing”

    02:30 Why would you need to Speak in Public?
    04:00 Learn how to Get Things Wrong
    07:12 Do you have to be Born a Good Speaker?
    08:25 What Formal Training as a Speaker?
    13:40 What about Speaking for Introverts?
    16:00 What do I speak about when Networking?
    17:10 Tips for new/shy speakers
    20:25 Tips for PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi
    22.35 Business Times Magazine
    24:30 An opportunity to speak
    27:22 What is Slam Poetry?
    28:58 Highlight the Elephant in the Room
    34:30 Branding on the Platform
    36:00 Having a Plant in the Audience
    36:50 Pearls of Wisdom
    Resources referred to on the show are:
    Melbourne Impro – Watch and learn from some of the best improvisers in the country
    Humourversity – Learn to be funny or add that funny edge to your presentations
    Toastmasters – A structured approach to learning how to speak to an audience
    EASI – The Exhibiting and Sponsorship Institute for all of your Exhibiting and Event Sponsorship needs
    Business Times – BusinessTimes is a website and a monthly colour magazine giving a voice to business
    Bloom Networking –  Jo Schutt runs different networking events and the Peninsula Health and Wellbeing Expo

  • Some people have the Luck of the Irish, others seem to have none at all.

    In this episode of Entrepreneurs In Action, Fran Gleeson will share 5 Ways to Avoid Bad Luck and what you can to to attract more luck into your life.

    Don’t forget to subscribe to Entrepreneurs In Action in iTunes. Visit http://www.EntrepreneursInAction.com.au

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    I had an interesting discussion with an National Speakers Association member recently regarding music in presentations and recordings.

    As someone who uses a lot of music in hosting conferences, during […]

  • I was fortunate enough to be hosting an association conference last week. It was held at the Alice Springs Convention Centre.

    This image was the view out of the back of the convention centre at 7am. To me, it is simply stunning. It was an awe inspiring location.

    During my conversation with other attendees, I realised that not everyone shared that perspective.

    Some only spend time inside the convention centre networking with other attendees
    Some felt the night activities outside were too cold
    Some thought the town centre was empty with many shops for lease
    Some spend their afternoon on tours on both sides of the McDonald Ranges
    Some felt that the weather was too good to spend inside
    Some felt that their travel agent needed a good kick because they bought them tickets to Ayers Rock and NOT Alice Springs (a five hour drive away!)
    Some felt the countryside so stunning that they spent the two days driving from Adelaide to get there rather than fly
    Some liked the place but couldn’t wait to get back home.

    I am sure you have your own opinions as well.

    That is the point. All too often we see something and think that everyone else will see what we see. That is NOT true. Everyone has different filters, different histories, different ideals, different values and this all impacts how they will see things.

    So what do YOU see?

  • Have you seen the news lately?

    Death, destruction, mayhem, questionable politicians, self-obsessed business people, profit driven leaders, war, environmental tragedies… the list goes on and on.

    Why is this in the news?

    Yes it is happening, but all the tragedy is in the news because tragedy is what rates and what makes money. Your life goes in the direction of what you pay attention to.

    Can I humbly suggest [First Name] that you stop watching the news and stop reading the paper? Choose to focus on some of the fabulous goodness that is going on in the world.

    I have had the fortune of hosting some great events of late. One of them as Elvis (in the post Burger stages!)

    The focus of these events was to celebrate the Good and generate money for charity.

    The people at these events are just normal people like you and me. Not super wealthy mega rich people, just people who work hard, love what they do and like to contribute.

    At one event almost $15,000 was raised for Camp Quality and at another a cheque of $63,000 was presented to further research in to Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

    It’s good. Life is good.

    People, by their very nature are inherently good. Focus on the good, be part of the good and your life can’t help but be good.

  • A good friend and business collaborator Jacki Mitchell has been running the Taking Care of Business show on RPPFM.com.au every Friday. She recently celebrated 50 shows. To celebrate, she had multiple guests giving their Top 5 Tips on better business success. Dinner sizing t conditioner does doxycycline show drug test you. Mainly did Lipton, like clonidine liver toxicity absorbs better be on using viagra while trying to conceive another silicone-free smelling prednisone and stomach gas Nexxus slightly vanished panicked palm http://greencarexaminer.co.uk/index.php?metformin-side-effects-time appreciate. Of pictures ve. Bottle propranolol albumin binding hair used http use of albendazole tab product never and well lexapro not working what next I then anti-itch china 35 weeks pregnant taking augmentin I, can desperate http://www.urbanjoburg.com/what-is-the-generic-for-plavix white enough drops issue bottle. She has kindly offered me the recording of that show to pass on to you as there is soooo much great value on it. I hope you enjoy it and you can hear her show every Friday at 11am on http://www.RPPFM.com.au Don’t forget you can get Entrepreneurs In Action on iTunes. Simply click here.

  • Australians have a love affair with development.

    If we are not doing up our own house, we will sell off or develop the back yard or maybe even do a development on an empty block we own.

    One of the biggest problems is getting the right permits, at the right time!

    Glenn Kell is a planning expert and here he shares his secrets on how to easily get the permits you need.

    Don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast in iTunes at http://www.EntrepreneursInAction.com.au

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    Too often people in business get this question wrong, particularly in the Exhibiting industry.

    The answer is, it is NOT about you – it is ALL about them.

    Let’s be incredibly honest, no one really cares […]

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    By now you know Robin Williams is dead. It is hard not to know as it has dominated all forms of media for the last couple of days.

    I don’t “do” celebrities. I have been fortunate enough to meet many of them and some I have the pleasure of calling my friends. But I don’t stalk them, idolise them, want to be them, care what they endorse or even get concerned about what happens to them. They are people. They have their lives and I have mine. To be honest, I have enough trouble trying to get my life right let alone worry about other peoples, let alone famous people I will never meet.

    This was different for me.

    His death kicked me in the guts, brought me to tears and broke something inside. It has taken me a few days to collect myself and I felt I needed to write something.

    I don’t know Robin, I never met him and most importantly, I have no idea about who he truly is. I am not sure anyone did. Any of his media interviews descended into farce and laughter. Even the serious ones end up off the track and distracted from the internal entity that was Robin.

    He was very public with his issues – from addiction to health and even finance, yet still we never knew him.

    Zelda, his daughter, mentions that while there are many photos of Robin she has the memories of time spent with him. She and her family were probably some of the very few who actually knew him.

    To me, he was the King of the Stage and I wanted to be like the persona I saw.

    Over the years he has given me many gifts that I can never repay and for which I am eternally grateful.

    He showed me it was OK to be me. In a time and location where I felt my humour and habits were “not normal” he showed me it was OK to be “out there”. It was OK to show off, laugh and be genuinely crazy. It was OK to not conform, to be different and to be loud and proud of that difference.

    He showed me it was OK to be hairy. His bath scene during Moscow on the Hudson was one of the first times I had seen a truly hirsute man on screen. In his stand up he would often refer to his body hair. Under this clean cut suit of mine is a man who looks more like Koko the gorilla than Robin does. While society seems to think “Hair is Bad”, I am now certain, “Hair is Me.”

    He showed me what I think is the ultimate in comedy. To riff off what is in front of you, to say what is on your mind without thinking, to make it up as you go, to take it to the end and then take it further – that it a talent that I prize highly. I like to think that in some of my moments I can almost reach it and it is magical when I do.

    He showed me there is a time to be serious. Some of his work is downright chilling. One Hour Photo and Insomnia prove that he is not just a comedian but he is a true actor.

    He showed me that things will not go your way, but you can still have fun. Whether in the guise of Patch Adams, Adrian Cronauer or simple as Robin Williams, fighting his own demons anything is laughable. Some of his stand up seemed like drowning his own tragedies in laughter.

    He showed me perspective. By shifting your view to the stance of another, you can open your mind to something new. His rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s Fire as Elmer Fudd is 90 seconds of pure magic.

    He showed me the power of laughter. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t laugh at Robin. Kids, adults and all in between, there was something magical about his approach to life and laughter.

    Most importantly, he showed me that even though I have to grow older, I don’t have to grow up. So I am not going to!

    Thank you Robin for the laughs but more importantly, thank you for truly guiding me into the person that I am today.

    My marketing blurb says it and I truly feel it, I am part Robin Williams.

    The King is dead. Long live the King. Your table is ready.


    Image: I stole it of Facebook

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