Need More Adventure?

Need More Adventure?

When was your last “Adventure”?  I don’t mean tracking wombats through the state forest (although some people may have done that), I mean done something that is an adventure for you.  Something that gets your heart racing, your adrenaline flowing and your sense of anticipation at full alert.

So many people get into the rut of everyday life.  All of a sudden it becomes: get up, go to work, come home, have dinner, watch TV, go to bed and repeat.  Even if you have a few hobbies like sport, study or theatre thrown in, it can get repetitive.  So where’s the Adventure?

Your routine maybe different. It may include flying around the countryside exhibiting at Expo’s and Trade Shows, but we have all had that feeling where one show just blends into another.  Sometimes we need a bit of adventure to break the routine.  (By the way, the adventure can frequently give us ideas to use at the next show!)

My challenge to you is to plan for and then have some adventure in your life.  Plan and do something within 2 months time, something that challenges and excites you and that you are interested in doing.
It could be:

  • 10 minutes of stand up at an open mic night
  • Karaoke singing with friends
  • Auditioning for a local theatre production
  • Booking guitar lessons
  • Going skiing (we almost have snow on the Victorian high plains)
  • Writing a book (if you want the short cut to a best seller, check out this great opportunity that I am taking part in)

Mine is going in a radio competition to be on Melbourne’s Fox FM Breaky Show.  It’s a little out there but you can check out the details (and please vote Yes for me and No for the others) on

What is your challenge?  Let me know what it is as I would love to hear about it.

Photo Credit: It’s a Wombat! 

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