New Monitor Stands

I have been running my computer system in the office with two monitors for quite some time. After prolonged periods at the computer I struggled to stand up comfortably. I was in a hunched lack of comfort zone – so to speak!

I had read before that monitors are better off the desk and higher up. (To find out some ergonomic guidelines for your desk, check out what Swinburne University says.) Like all good geeks, I went to eBay to find a flash, sexy and cheap monitor stand for two monitors. Unfortunately I have non-standard monitors and they are different to each other, so that was not going to work. Also, these stands were about $120 and got way

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more expensive from there.

In a flash of brilliance, I have raided my paper reserves and created these two monitor stands for less than $30.

How is your monitor and desk set up? Do you need a bit of creative application of ergonomics to make it work better for you? I am feeling better about my set up already! Check it out

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