New Year – So What!


Image: ShutterStock

By now you will have seen all the “New Year, New Goals”, “Make 2017 Your Own”, “Get Things Done in 2017” kind of posts.
January is the time of year that Gym business make their money and in a couple of weeks people stop coming and it all goes back to normal.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of goal setting and creating a vision for yourself, your business and your family. But it also creates a lot of discomfort too. Some people are comparing themselves to the Facebook life of others and thinking “What a crap year I had last year, why will this year be any better”. Others feel like they are impostors and maybe this year they will get found out.

Here is what works for me.

It is nice to have annual goals but chances are they will change well before you get there. My gorgeous wife and I have a THEME for the year. This becomes our focus.

We also examine the year just gone. What are the great things that happened to us, that we did, that we experienced.

Then we focus on the day ahead of us.

The simple adage of “learn from the past, plan from the future but live in today” is a powerful way to live your year and your life, one day at a time.


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