Now is the Right Time for Marketing

From a previous blog you may have read how Adobe are not having a booth at Macworld this year. It seems that they have started a trend. AppleInsider has reported that other big names like Belkin and Seagate are also not having a booth. You can read the article here.

My favourite bit in the article is where it says that smaller booths who had previously been placed out in the low traffic areas are being moved much closer to the Apple stands and the majority of the traffic.

This principle applies not only in Trade Shows but in marketing in general. Many business are taking on the mind set that business will be tough so I will cut marketing expense. This can lead to a decrease in customer awareness which in turn, leads to decreased sales which will guarantee you tough economic times!!

I am not saying “Spend like you have never spent before!!!” (That seems to be the Government line at the moment.) What I am saying is now is the time to continue working your marketing strategy. If Trade Shows are part of it, continue doing them. Continue your normal marketing as well. Some of your competitors will get scared of economic times and so will cease their marketing work, this means you have less competition for your message. If big players drop out of the marketing space (like at MacWorld) you can now get a real boost to your message.

Stick to the strategy and take advantage of the economic times. They won’t last forever and when everything picks up again, you will be in a stronger position than when they started. How cool is that!!


Warwick Merry
The Get More Guy

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