Oh The Humanity!

Oh The Humanity

One of the things my choir does is support the Creative Ministries Network by singing at some of their different events.

Saturday we sang at the service for those who have had family members die in the workplace. It is a hard service. Some of the stories that people share are horrific. Not in terms of details of the accident or tragedies that happen, but in terms of how their families are treated by companies, insurers and the legal profession.

As I was sitting there on Saturday listening to this womans story about how she was treated, her pain as real today as it was when the event happened, it occured to me how ill-equipped businesses are to deal with humans.

Why is it as a business that people will do things that they would never do as an individual? Why do we ignore those around us that need help, support, a listening ear, a friend, a laugh or a simple but genuine “How’s things?” Why do we need to create “R U OK” days –

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why isn’t every day an “R U OK” day? I think it is sad that we are so out of touch that we need to tell people to care about others in their life.

What most of us do is NOT a matter of life or death. While I am not minimising the importance of what you do, rather I am asking you to shift your perspective on what you do and who it impacts. No matter what your job holds, never forget your humanity and the impact of those you connect with.

So how can you show your humanity today?


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