Open Your Mind

In two sleeps, my gorgeous wife and I are off to the other side of the world. As you can see, Google Maps optimistically says it will take 14 hours and 10 minutes to get there. You and I know it will take a lot longer.

But the first world problem of sitting in a steel tube that flys through the air in the same way that bricks don’t (credit to Douglas Adams for that) is nothing compared to the pay off.

Travelling brings perspective. 

  • It enables you to appreciate all the small things you take for granted that you can’t get, do or have while overseas.
  • It reminds you how good your own quality of life is when you see the quality of life of others.
  • It shows you the truth about a place not just the romanticised version you may have or the photoshopped pieces on FarceBook.
  • It gives you an appreciation of other cultures and sub-cultures regardless of how similar or different they are to your own
  • It is humbling as it allows you to see your own problems for what they really are and to acknowledge how blessed your life really is.
  • It opens your mind to new ideas, new opinions, new perspectives, new ways of being and thinking.

So how open is your mind and do you need to go travelling to open it a bit further?