How to Create a Winning Speaker Introduction

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Join Warwick as he shows you how to create and coach your MC to deliver a FANTASTIC introduction.

You get access to the online session as well as the supporting template so you can generate fresh and snappy introductions time and time again.

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Speakers do an amazing job.
They have to inspire people, educate them and give them such a burst that the energy and enthusiasm lasts for weeks (if not months). They have to do this in 45 minute lots.

So how do you capture the audience before you have even stepped on stage?

The answer is, through a fantastic introduction.

Here’s the thing, most speakers have no introduction, or even worse, a really bad introduction.

Before you get all excited, we are not talking about your bio, the topic description or a simple “cut and paste” of the website. (by the way, these have all been given to me as a speaker introduction before).

So as a Master MC, I want you to be about create and have available for all of your clients an engaging and memorable introduction.

So let’s do this! 

This online session is not me just talking at you, it is a workshop. I will give you structures, ideas and suggestions and then you write/type your introductions and get some feedback. It is that simple.

While you can often use the same introduction at many events, you will walk away with a template on how to adjust your introduction to specifically adapt to that event. You will also receive ongoing motivation to keep you on track.

With over 16 years of experience as a Master of Ceremonies, I know what works when it comes to grabbing the attention of the audience. I also know what works in terms of positioning yourself and your topic to have the most impact on the audience and the event organiser.

Come and discover how you can have more success as a speaker, simply by building a fantastic introduction.