Takin A Chance – Mood Swing

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A beautiful collection of songs from Lean on Me to Sweet Sweet Spirit. Sample a few of our classics.

Album Tracks

  1. Walking After Midnight (Alan Block, Don Hecht; Arr: M. Shanahan & L.Schwabe)
  2. Sweet Sweet Spirit (Doris Akers; Arr: D. Akers, Idea of North, L.Schwabe)
  3. Parmi Di Star (Severin Cornet; Arr: The Kings Singers)
  4. Boys Don’t Cry Medley (The Cure/The Streets/REM; Arr: Tali White)
  5. In This Heart (Sinead O’Connor)
  6. A Train (Billy Strayhorn; Arr: Kirby Shaw)
  7. Middle of the Air (Paul Kelly; Arr: L.Schwabe based on Tripod/E.Perfect)
  8. Total Praise (Richard Smallwood)
  9. You Don’t Own Me (J. Madara & D.White; Arr: A.Billingsley)
  10. A Lot of Looking To Do (Sue Johnson & Rosalind Price)
  11. House of Love (Black Taxi; Arr: L.Schwabe)
  12. Bonus track of Mama Mia from our Live at the Retro gig. (ABBA; Arr: Tali White)