Put It Down

Technology is amazing.

We now have devices that give you access to the knowledge of the world with a click of a few keys (granted, we only use it to watch cat videos but we COULD do other things with it!) These smart phones have more power and capacity than the computers that sent people to the moon.

It is starting to feel like the cost of this technology is our own humanity. What price are we willing to pay for all of it’s advantages?

Don’t get me wrong, I am part geek and I like my phone to be within arms reach at all times. I love technology and what it can do for us. But we have to keep our mind open and not just following it blindly.

Technology is like fire, a brilliant tool but a poor master.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure you are not at technologies beck and call:

  • My phone and computer have ALL notifications turned off. I choose to run my day rather than let my devices run it.
  • My gorgeous wife and I will often leave our devices at home when we go out so we can be present for each other.
  • I will turn my phone on to Aeroplane mode when going into a meeting so I won’t be disturbed.
  • When friends are over for dinner and the phone rings, I don’t answer it (I know!! Radical isn’t it!)
  • I use my calendar to plan times to NOT do things like – no email, no meetings, no phone calls.
  • When working on an important strategy or creative piece, I will turn my phone of to prevent distractions.

These ideas are not rocket science but they are necessary sometimes so I can be sure that I am using technology and it is not using me.

What do you do to make sure you are making the most of technology but it is not making the most of you? How do you “put it down?”