Respect Your Brand

I am a Star Wars fan.

I was 9 when the first film came out. The first three films were great, the second three  – not so much.

When I heard Disney bought Lucasfilm I was concerned. Disney are known for their focus on achieving a significant return for their investment, sometimes at a cost of the brand. (Recently they sent legal letters to people posting photos of their legally bought Star Wars action figures.)

The long awaited Episode Seven is due to open on the 18th of Dec. Already the marketing and merchandising has been going full steam ahead. I was stunned today to see the licensing of kids yoghurt balls (the advert is above).

I am certain many brands would love to piggy back on Star Wars popularity but what is the cost to Star Wars and Disney?

As a long time fan, I am saddened by all of the marketing. Somehow aligning “The Force” with everyday products takes away the “special” feeling the brand used to have. It is no longer unique but common.

What about your brand? Whether it be your company brand or brand “YOU”, be aware who you align yourself with.

If you don’t respect your brand, why should anyone else? 
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