Same, Same but Different

Post Modern Jukebox

Humans don’t like change. We love our routine and the sense of control that “same” brings.
Many people have challenged me on that statement. Upon further discussion, the person challenging me has “their spot” on the couch, “their side” of the bed and even “their seat” at the dining table.

Yet in a world of constant change, how can we deal with all the change thrust upon us and the changes we need to make?

The answer is Same, Same but Different.

Let me explain

The image above is of Post Modern Jukebox. I was fortunate enough to be taken to see them perform by a good friend.

If you are not familiar with them, they perform modern songs in a 30’s to 50’s kind of style. Click the image and you will see Guns and Roses Sweet Child of Mine in a way you may never have considered. Google will show you a whole lot more.

The familiarity of the song means we are comfortable with it, but the new and interesting arrangement becomes an enjoyable experience within a known framework.

How much change is happening in your life or workplace? If you can make it Same, Same but Different you will find the change easier to embrace and easier to implement. It is simply Evolution rather than Revolution.