Warwick has a real theatrical side to him. After numerous theatrical productions, studying many elements of improv, running his own radio show and simply spending a lot of time on stage, he really knows how to bring to life a character.

Many of his clients are looking for something different and have engaged him to take on a character – not just dress up as a character but BE the character.

He has officiated over a Gala Dinner in character as Dame Edna, opened conferences as Secret Agents and Super Hero’s as well as adding flavour to events as Seventies Man, Mad Scientist and others.

Are you looking for something different?
Maybe a little bit of spice to bring out the fun in your team?
Perhaps a hoax character to take your team unawares?

Get some inspiration from the images above and talk to Warwick about his characters and have him create the persona you need to get the most from your event.