Sometimes You Have to Say “NO”

Facebook Phone No

Image: ShutterStock

I have deleted the Facebook app off my phone. It is a huge relief.

Over the past few months I have become more and more disillusioned with Facebook.

It sucks up huge chunks of my day and I let it. I seem to pay more attention to it than I do my gorgeous wife. I will spend large amounts of time looking at it and then feel worse afterwards. My comparing and competing is at an all time high (that is, I look at what others are doing and think, “why aren’t I doing that”) and all the political rubbish was syphoning all the hope and positivity out of my life.

Something had to be done.

I deleted it off my phone and only access it for limited amounts of time during the day on my computer.

I feel so much better.

My hope has lifted, I am less concerned with other peoples business, my focus has returned to the actions I need to take, I engage more with my wife and my dog and I am continuing to look at what counts.

What you say No to determines your success far more than what you say Yes to.

I am slowly saying No to more social media and it is helping me get a clearer and healthier perspective on my world and the world around me.

Sometimes you have to say “NO”. What will you say NO to?