Spending Time With the Future

Image: ShutterStock

I spent time with the future this weekend.

Friday night, I hung out with my nephew chatting about all things that a young fella talks about. Watching movies, eating burgers and having a bit of fun.

Sunday morning I caught up with my friend’s son who wants to be a professional speaker when he grows up. I talked a fair bit but he shared some of his thoughts, asked some great questions and told me of his plans.

The future is in pretty good hands.

Both boys were a huge credit to their parents. They were respectful, polite and had a great sense of energy.

Too often we hear people talking about how the “younger generation” has it easier, are rude, have no respect, put whatever your thoughts are here. But maybe those ones are the exception to the rule.

What I heard was all about possibility, ideas, energy, enthusiasm, all without the heavy cynicism that many of us older people have.

From where I stand, the future is in good hands. It is up to us to make sure we operate in the best interest of ALL of our planet’s future inhabitants and not focus on a profit for the old farts who will soon be gone from this world.

So what are you doing today to make our world a better place for our future? It may even make things better for you too!