Success is Smart (and Brave)

I spent last week hosting the Manufacturers Pavilion at Austech15, a trade show for those in the manufacturing sector.

You can check out some interesting observations and videos from the show (including the 3D printed push bike) here.

The summary from hearing the likes of Google’s head of Sales Engineering, the CEO of Committee for Economic Development in Australia, CEO of Innovative Thinking, CSIRO’s head of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), Director of AusIndustry and Dean of Engineering from Deakin University is very simple – BE BRAVE.

Too many firms in our manufacturing sector (and from my experience in many others as well) struggle to move from business as usual. This is not new, this is not unique and worst of all, it is not unexpected!

This article in Forbes from 2013 talks about it and in particular refers to the Sigmoid Curve which first came to my attention in the early 1990s. A quick Google search brings up many images, theories and case studies to supports its application.

Yet still we ignore it.

One of my clients has dedicated half of every Monday to work on the strategy of their business so they do not get stuck in the day to day of their business. By looking at what the industry offers, what the issues are and what roles they want to play, they are shaping their future not responding to it.

Success requires bravery and it requires us to be smart as well. What clever edge can we take advantage of? What unique approach will put you in front?

Once you know this, be brave and work for it.