Success Session


Success in any activity is rarely by chance. The common trait most successful people is their unique view of their world. They actively set themselves up for success and enjoy consistent good fortune while others lurch from one disaster to the next. If misfortune does occur they handle it such as to barely feel the effects before quickly moving on.

What is it about these people? Are they just plain lucky, or it is something more tangible? Can constant ‘bad luck’ be turned around and join the ‘A’ team?


To answer these and many other questions, join Consultant, Professional Speaker and Master MC Warwick Merry on this entertaining and educational session. An accomplished and entertaining professional speaker, Warwick’s presentation will inspire you to greater heights of achievement as he recounts his own story of a listless under-performer. Drowning in debt, he turned his life around to re-build a business generating a six figure income, a seven figure property portfolio in just five years and an eight figure life using his proven principles of the “Psychology of Success”. Warwick truly ‘walks the talk’.

This video includes:
1. How to set yourself up for success
2. Why some people enjoy good fortune and others endure endless mis-fortune, and how to be the former
3. How to recognise and over-come procrastination
4. Why “good” is a barrier to “great”… and how to achieve greatness
5. How to overcome fear
6. How to deal with adversity, how to turn adversity to opportunity
7. Why so many fail to reach their potential and what to do about it

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