The Driver and The Dealer

The Driver and the Dealer

Many people are getting ready for 2014. They are planning, reviewing and getting all of their ducks in a row.

As you start to focus on 2014, don’t forget the Driver and the Dealer. They are two key players in your success.

The Driver is all emotion. It allows you to tap in to the “WHY” for the year. Why do you want to earn the money, achieve the goals, or conquer the mountain. The Driver will show you the pleasure, the benefits, the reason that you do what you do. The Driver will set the direction of where you are headed.

The Dealer is all fact. It is all about the “WHAT”. What do I need to do next, what resources do I need, what is the logical sequence. The Dealer is loaded with reason and logic and it is the Dealer that will get you where you want to go.

The issue is that they are not interchangable. Particularly when you come across your first problem on the path. The Driver doesn’t help because the “why” is not as important as the “What are we going to do about it”.

As you plan for 2014, make sure you are clear on your Driver and have your Dealer well tuned and ready to go.


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