The Keys to Organisational Change

QuestionsThis week I had the pleasure of speaking on Jacki Mitchell’s radio show, Taking Care of Business.

Following the show, one of the listeners contacted me to ask the following question:

“What would you say are the skills and attitudes of a person who successfully introduces or influences change in a business or organisation?”

This was my response:

The most important thing here (in my opinion) is the right attitudes and not necessarily the skills. Cultural change and Organisation change are hard. Not because of the process but because you are battling the status quo. The main attributes you will be exercising are: Persistence, Resilience, Focus and a great sense of humour.

Persistence because you will need to keep at the process against all the ingrained resistance, the verbal support but lack of action and the indifference of senior management. Once you stick at it enough to get the momentum of the organisation, the journey switches from an uphill battle to a downhill cruise.

Resilience because you need to be able to keep getting back up everytime you fall down. In fact, you have to be able to get up more often. Keep getting up until you stop falling down.

Focus because you need to maintain the end picture and benefits of the change in mind. Keeping the long term benefits in sight while you suffer through the short term pain can be a challenge.

A sense of humour because it will make you life easier, your meetings more enjoyable and maintain your healthy sense of perspective on what you are doing. Plus smiling and laughing makes you fun to be around.

What do you think?

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