There Is No Escape!

There Is NO Escape!

This is one of the scenes from where I have been working for the last four days. Not a bad pool!

I was fortunate enough to be hosting a conference at Sanctuary Cove in Queensland.

Too many people can’t wait to get to places like this to escape their life. They seem to feel that either their business, job or relationship (or worst case scenario, their entire life) is so bad that they need to escape it for a holiday. It takes a few days to chill out and feel the sense of escape and then half way through they remember what they are trying to escape and start to take on the stress again.

There is NO Escape!

Your life is yours to create, so if you are not enjoying it or feel you need to escape it, change it! Change jobs, sell your business, work on your relationship, do whatever you need to do to address your issue. You can’t avoid your life forever or you will die trying. The quickest way around is through so face your stuff and live a life you don’t want to escape from.

See you in paradise!