Top 10 Tips for Life

This came across my desk today. It has a strong message that I think is important. It says it in a way that is funny but real. I can’t find picture credits, so if it is yours let me know and I am happy to acknowledge your mighty fine work.

So here are the Top Ten Tips for Life

1 Stay out of trouble that you can easily avoid

2 No matter how high you go, you can always aim for greater heights

3 What ever you are doing, maintain your focus

4 We all get busy, but you need to find time for exercise to maintain your health

5 You are not alone in the world so practice teamwork because you can’t do everything.

6 Trust your partner to watch your back. Being able to trust is as important as having someone to trust

7 You never know when the rainy day will hit. You need to make sure you put a little aside to give you protection.

8 Take time to rest. You will need to restore your energy for all of your adventures.

9 Always remember to smile. You may find yourself in a strange position with strange people and a smile will always help.

10 No matter what anyone says, nothing is impossible!!

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