Unleash the Beast

killer dog

Meet Winston the oh so cute and slightly anxious toy poodle.

A couple of days ago I heard him making a funny noise so I came out of my office to see him like this. He was so proud of his hunter skills.

He had found, caught and killed a mouse.

It is the last thing I really expected of him. He was strutting around so proud of himself. He had tapped into his hidden wolf ancestral skill set and accomplished the unexpected.

Have you ever done this? Not killed a mouse but tapped into something you never knew or forgot you had and achieved something spectacular?

Maybe it was a sporting event. A hole in one, an ungettable slam dunk that you got or a forehand smash that went exactly where you wanted it. It could have been in business. Negotiating the unnegotiable, meeting an unreachable deadline or leading a team to “victory” in a manner that everyone was in awe of the achievement?

Like Winston, it is attacking the situation and never giving up. Continuing on even when things are not happening just as you want them that will bring you to the achievement. Tapping in to your internal motivation with a focus on your end goal.

Keep going and unleash your inner beast, you may just surprise yourself!