Upgrading Your Problems


wood pile

It’s fantastic when your problems get upgraded.

We had a large gumtree that had been diagnosed with internal rot. It was in danger of dropping a limb on the house or the house next door.
As you would expect, this was a problem for us.

We asked the lumberjacks (and yes, there were ok) to leave some of the wood for firewood. So now we have a better problem.
We have almost 40 cubic metres of huge sized firewood. Click on the image above to see a short video of the firewood. (It’s worth watching!)

The pieces are too big to lift so we need to get a big truck and a front end loader but that is a better problem than the possibility of a falling limb.

So how are your problems? Can you upgrade them? 


So my gorgeous wife and a couple of friends and relatives went crazy on the wood pile and here is the outcome. The tree pieces are now split and stored. There is over 20 cubic metres of firewood (about 12 tonne). Oh, and there are some very sore bodies too as it took a lot of effort. Now for the toasty warm fires!

2016-08-21 16.54.52-1


2016-08-20 20.20.07