Want Someone Else to Pay For It?

Running events is expensive. Whether it is a small event for 30 people or a huge conference for 600, costs seem to escalate with every little thing you do.

Why not get someone else to pay for it?

There are ALWAYS organisations that want access to your events attendees and they are willing to pay for it.

“So what” I hear you say. “Everyone has sponsors”

True, many events have sponsors but most events treat them poorly. It is no longer enough to give them a logo on the flyer, logo on the screen, five minutes on stage and an exhibitor booth. What the sponsor wants is real engagement, real conversations with attendees and, let’s be honest, real business opportunities.

If you provide these for your sponsors, they will happily sign up with you year after year.

So do you have sponsors? If so, what are you doing for them?

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