Warts and All

This was not at the conference but you get the idea!

I have spent four days at the National Speakers conference. It’s my professional association so even though I was the Master of Ceremonies at the Gala Dinner and had a job as the “Voice of God” throughout the conference, it is also the time to go behind the scenes of my skill, my business model, my approach and do some fine tuning.

Staying at the conference hotel is also a bit of a shock. Hotel bathrooms seem to have more mirrors than any other surface. So after the daily shower, I was confronted with myself, warts and all, from all possible angles. Now I don’t know about you, but having that kind of perspective of myself is quite uncomfortable. My vision is drawn to my defects or PERCEIVED defects and things that I don’t like about myself. The conference was the same for my business.

It was too easy to see and hear what others were doing and think, “I’m not doing that. I should be doing what they are doing. There is something else I am not doing right. Look at all the stuff I haven’t done or achieved.” 

From personal experience, that is not healthy and it gets you nowhere.

After a detailed discussion with my business partner, we have drawn a line in the sand (a sentiment reinforced by one of the speakers) and will only look to the future, acknowledge the past and act in the present. So there are a few bits about my body and my business that I am not a fan of. Rather than sitting on my pity pot and thinking about them, it is time for action and change. I can accept where I am at, warts and all. Now it is time for the action to meet the goals and the focus.

What about you? What changes do you want? What action will you take?

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