What About Me?

It happens to all of us. We have days when our energy is down, our emotions are down and even our mood is down. Everything seems too hard and you just want to get back into bed and tell the world to go away.
When clients ask me what is the best thing to do when you get in these spots or have periods of depression, I tell them to do this.

  • Get up
  • Have a shower
  • Put on some nice clothes
  • Leave the house
  • Go to a friend’s place
  • Ask what is happening in their life and DO NOT talk about yourself

Thinking about ourselves and asking What About Me does nothing to lift a depressed state – frequently it makes it worse. So put yourself to one side and focus on somebody else and what is happening for them.  Once you get out of your own way and stop asking What About Me, you will be amazed how your mood, energy and emotions shift.
Have a great week

PS I have decided to do something significant about Mental Health. This Sunday I am running 5km in the de Castella Fun Run (I am not counting on lots of fun though!). Money raised by this fun run goes to Mental Health Research.  I would love your support and sponsorship. You can see a picture of my crazy family and donate to the cause here.

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